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 A logistic tech company focusing on organized warehouse to reduce electricity bill up to 40-50%

IP based technology

IP based technology provides 30% extra energy saving

Customer Engagement Model

No upfront investment by the customer. Share savings achieved by conservation of energy.

Our Services

Warehouse Energy Saving Solution

Intelligently monitors the warehouse activity and controls energy consumption

Optimized Lighting

Light-up during activity, off during inactivity

Intelligent Appliance control

For ambient temperature and air-quality based on activity

Data Insights

Data collection and insights for incremental efficiencies

Our Awesome Features

In addition to core features, following are our unique advantages

Saves 30% extra

Patented Solution for Warehouse 

Save Energy

Save energy while operating warehouses seamlessly


Auto Detection

Auto fault-detection & rectification enabling uninterrupted operations


Smart Planning & Design

Smart Planning & Design principles to eliminate energy wastage & unnecessary costs


Fully Configurable System

Fully configurable system to support all warehouse specific compliances

Machine Learning & AI Engine

Machine Learning & AI engine for continuous improvement for savings & generate inputs for improvement of warehouse operational performance

About Us

‘Aviconn’ is built on the philosophy of “A Vision to Connect”. Connectivity that is not just bringing enhanced digitization but also to achieve meaningful change in the lives of many.

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